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Norman Salmoni Opticians is a Varilux Specialist Optician

We also offer video dispensing and video measurement with the state of art visioffice! Click here for more info.

We use Visioffice from Essilor for dispensing lenses, it’s the latest dispensing and measurement system. Click here for more info about Visioffice.

Essilor  designs and manufactures the Varilux lens and is the world’s largest manufacturer of spectacle lenses. It offers high-quality solutions for your every spectacle lens needs.

Lens Options

Lineis 1.74

Ultra-high index for mid to high prescriptions

Lineis 1.74 from Essilor is a lens material specifically designed for high prescriptions, when conventional lens materials would leave wearers with thick, bulging lenses.

Thin, light Lineis 1.74 puts an end to ugly lenses, meaning it complements even the most delicate modern frames. The results are enhanced still further with the addition Crizal Forte UV, Essilor’s top-of-the-range, anti-reflection lens.

Stylis 1.67

Stylish lenses for stylish frames

Stylis 1.67 lenses are thinner, lighter and flatter, making them ideal for lightweight, stylish frames. It is one of the most popular Essilor lenses and for such high quality, is attractively priced.

Stylis 1.67 lenses use computer calculated designs and high index materials to deliver a lens that is 15% thinner and 25% flatter than a conventional lens. It is Crizal coated as standard, banishing the reflections to make your lenses look better and clearer to look though. Crizal lenses are guaranteed for two years against manufacturing defects.


Lightness, Strength and UV Protection, all in one lens.

Airwear lenses from Essilor are ultra light and ultra safe so if you want spectacles that you hardly know you’re wearing, Airwear is just the lens for you.

It doesn’t mean Airwear lenses aren’t tough – they’re virtually unbreakable, making them ideal for sport and for your children.

They’re safe in other ways too, as Airwear lenses filter out 100% of ultraviolet rays that can damage your eyes and your skin, making them your number one choice for safety.

Ormix 1.6

Thinner lenses for everyone

If you want a lens that’s thin and light and available in every Essilor lens design, you should look at Ormix 1.6. Their material makes them thin and light and their sophisticated computer design, makes them even thinner and lighter.

Ormix 1.6 lenses are available in all single vision and Varilux lens designs and can be combined with Transitions, for automatic darkening in bright light outdoors.


Affordable quality for all

Orma from Essilor was the world’s first mass-market plastic lens and it’s still going strong. It’s safer and lighter than glass and with modern Essilor coatings, very resistant to everyday scratching.

Orma lenses are available in a wide variety of tints making them popular for sunglasses, as well as Transitions, for comfort in any light.