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4th Feb


Visioffice from Essilorvisioffice

The World’s Most Up to Date Dispensing system.

Our practice has been designed to meet your needs and new Visioffice is a big part of that process. It helps you in many ways.

We use Visioffice to produce high-quality photographs and video to show you how you look in your new frame. We can even print you a picture you can show to friends and family for their opinion, if you want it.

Visioffice is also the best system for demonstrating the benefits of a Varilux lens, a lens coating, in fact any optical product. You can actually see the benefits of the products before committing to spend your money on it.

Visioffice saves you time too. All you have to do is to stand in front of it, wearing the frame you have selected, and it will take all the dispensing measurements we need, in seconds. It’s the most accurate and technically-sophisticated system available.

Eyecode from Essilor

Lenses tailor made for you.

Visioffice is linked to Eyecode, a genuine breakthrough in optics. Visioffice takes unique measurements of your eye and visual system, that have never previously been possible in an optical practice. Eyecode uses these measurements to help create a lens that Essilor then designs and manufactures just for you.

Visioffice and Eyecode combine to record and measure the way you view the world and uses the information to create a lens that makes your vision more sharp and comfortable as it has ever been before.

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