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Children's Eyecare

Taking care of your children’s eyes from an early age can protect them from developmental setbacks and allow them to enjoy good eye health and vision throughout their lives. Problems with the eyes beginning in childhood can cause difficulties for children in the short term but undetected vision loss also affects children’s long-term development.


We recommend that children have regular eye examinations to track their visual development and look out for eye conditions. Ensuring that any problems are quickly diagnosed and managed can make all the difference for a child’s well-being.

Kid's Eye Tests

As eye tests are so important for children, we make sure ours are thorough and accessible. Our friendly optometrists have years of experience with children’s eye care. They are experts not only at diagnosing problems with children’s eyes but helping them feel comfortable in a fun and interactive environment.


We have testing available for children of all ages, including pre-reading-age kids, so even our youngest patients get the eye care they need.

Young girl having an eye examination
Child having an eye-examination
Young boy wearing contact lenses playing rugby


Contact Lenses For Children

We believe children should be able to choose how they correct their vision.


Children can lead active lives and with this in mind, we offer not only a great collection of children’s frames but contact lenses designed specifically for different age groups. Wearing contact lenses safely is important for eye health and can also help children to feel confident and comfortable with the way they look.

Young boy playing a game wearing glasses

Glasses For Children

We want kids to feel happy and confident in the glasses they choose. With an exciting collection of frames for different ages and personalities, we’re confident everyone will be able to find something they love.


Our team are always available to offer helpful advice and make recommendations, but we also make sure to give you and your children plenty of time to try on frames in a relaxed environment.

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