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A pair of spectacles


We are proud to offer a handpicked selection of frames that includes quality options for every style and purpose. Our unique selection of brands has something for everyone with amazing designs from Tom Ford, Etnia Barcelona and Oakley.

Lady wearing designer frames
Tom Ford eyewear
Women wearing new glasses

Eyewear Styling

Finding glasses that suit you can be tough. Fortunately, we have a great team on hand who are experts at making recommendations based on your look and lifestyle.


With a range of different materials and designs to choose from, we make sure that your glasses are not only fashionable but comfortable and functional as well.



Prescription Sunglasses & Sportswear

Sunglasses are the perfect accessory and a quality pair offers protection from the sun and eye strain. With prescription sunglasses, you can correct your vision at the same time. With a wide variety of frames, you can also make sure you get your favourite look.


We also offer eyewear for sport with the latest designs to provide close fits, comfortable materials and quality vision.

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Spectacle Lenses

We understand how important quality lenses are to our clients so we source only the best.


To deliver the best lenses for specialist dispenses, we use a Visioffice to dispense lenses. This cutting-edge technology uses digital tools to create bespoke lenses that match your eyes with incredible accuracy.


With the help of our amazing team and dispensing technology, you can be sure to get the right lenses for your eyes. This includes clear lenses with optional treatments and sunglasses.

There are a variety of lens treatments available from ones that help the lens to be more durable to others that reduce bothersome reflections bouncing off the lens. Other options available include polarising lenses which reduce light glare which improves vision and safety in the sun.


There are many other useful treatments and lens types available which your dispenser can discuss with you during your time in the practice.

Tailored To You

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