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We believe everyone in our community deserves the best eye care available so we always go the extra mile with each patient.


All of our NHS and private eye examinations offer a thorough examination of your eyes and vision. If there are any issues, from complex eye conditions to minor vision loss, you can be sure that we’ll help you find a solution.

Eye Examinations at Salmoni Opticians

Your eye examination is not just a test to see if you need glasses or not. It’s a comprehensive examination of your eyes and vision. This means it will include a visual acuity test to determine how well you see and if you could benefit from a prescription, as well as a series of eye health tests and screenings to examine the general health of your eyes.


We also use retinal imaging technology; this allows for a detailed examination of your retinas, which can catch potentially sight-threatening conditions.


The optometrist will also ask you some lifestyle questions to help provide you with personalised options and give you the opportunity to ask for any additional advice or assistance.

All of our patients have the option to have an Optomap and OCT scan as an additional service.

Lady having an eye examination
OCT scan showing macula
OCT scan

OCT & Optomap Scans

We want to provide the best care available and that means using the latest most effective technology.


With this in mind, we offer OCT scans and Optomap digital imaging. Optical Coherence Tomography, or OCT, is a technology that allows optometrists to create digital images of the layers that make up the back of the eye, which helps with the early detection of eye conditions and eye health assessments. All of our patients have the option of OCT scans.

Optomap is used to create digital images of the retinas and is able to capture up to 70% more of the retina than traditional methods. More than just an ultra-wide image, these scans use a special light to examine the different layers of the retinas to screen for abnormalities that may be signs of a serious eye condition. The scans only take a minute and are completely safe and noninvasive.

Prioritising Your Eye Health

young woman having eye exam at local opticians

Taking good care of your eyes is an important part of your general health. Your eyes are sensitive instruments and keeping them healthy will help you to enjoy better eyesight and save you a lot of discomfort.


Eyesight is affected by diet, sunlight and a variety of other factors so you can help protect it by having a healthy lifestyle. Importantly, you should also have your eyes checked by a professional on a regular basis.


Eye conditions and vision loss generally get worse over time so catching them early on can make all the difference.

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