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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great opportunity for you to choose how you want to correct your vision. They are incredibly versatile so you can decide how and when you want to wear them. Our optometrists are expert contact lens fitters and we stock a wide variety of lens types, so you can be sure that yours will work perfectly for you.

Contact Lens Assessments

Before you start wearing contact lenses, we need to check that you are suitable and test your eyes to see which type will be best for you. While creating your prescription, checking your eye health and taking measurements for the lens fitting, your optometrist will also chat with you about why you want to use contact lenses. All of this information will help us to make sure you end up with the right lenses for you.

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Contact Lenses

Aftercare And Advice

We always provide continued eye care for our patients after they’ve been fitted with contact lenses. These aftercare appointments are there to help you with anything you need, and it is a requirement that you have your contact lens appointments up to date to continue your supply.


An optometrist will reassess your vision and run a series of eye health checks to ensure that your contact lenses are still right for you. They’ll also see if you want to make any changes and let you know about any new contact lens types or technology that could be helpful for you.

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Different Types Of Lenses

Different contact lenses are available for different vision needs. For example, if you want to wear contact lenses part time for playing sports or social events or maybe you'd like to wear the contact lenses on a more full time basis, either way we can discuss your needs and how your prescription would work to give you the best vision possible.

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